About Us


“We are committed to innovation and finding new ways to economically process more types of materials so we cannot only divert from landfills, but also place back into the system materials that would otherwise need to mined or extracted from the planet.”

We are a locally-owned business serving the North Texas and Oklahoma regions and have quickly become a distinguished leader in computer and electronics recycling with these core philosophies:

  • Generate commodities for the manufacturing stream.
  • Don’t waste valuable materials by putting them in the landfill.
  • Steel, aluminum, copper, plastic and glass are all recoverable and reusable.
  • Do not ship out to third world countries.
  • Retain knowledgeable staff – passionate about green initiatives.
  • Be involved with our local communities.
  • Educate consumers and provide alternative solutions for disposing of electronic waste.
  • Refurbish and reuse electronics when possible.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint and create an affordable alternative for consumers


  • Receiving the product:

    Your equipment is properly identified and labeled for processing.
    The product specialist will identify all what is required to process material
    – needs Data destruction
    – hazardous materials
    – market value
    – Each piece of equipment receives a unique identifier allowing to easily track it’s history

  • Data Destruction:

    – The harddrives are wiped/destroyed
    – Flash media,CDs are shredded
    – Tape media is degaussed
    – All actions are recorded in the equipment history so the reports can be generated

  • Asset Recovery/Equipment reuse:

    – All identified reusable equipment is tested/repaired
    – Inventory is sent to resell  department
    – All non-repairable equipment is marked
    – All actions are recorded in the equipment history so the reports can be generated

  • Sorting/Material separation:

    – All equipment is dismantled
    – Materials are sorted into it’s respective categories

  • Disposition:

    – All recovered materials are sent to an approved local handler
    – All Hazardous materials are sent to an approved local facility

  • Tracking and Reporting:

    – Data destruction certificates are generated according to the industry standards
    – Process reports are generated and supplied to the client on demand