Your assets are properly identified and labeled for processing. We take the utmost care to remove any identifying marks–guaranteeing your safety.

Data Security

Your data is destroyed with extreme prejudice. You can be assured that nothing will survive. HDD, CD, FLASH, TAPE…

Asset Recovery

According to your specifications, we will recycle the usable goods back into the marketplace. This preserves natural and human resources, helping the community by allowing small business to preserve legacy architecture.


Regardless of value, all materials are sorted into their respective categories. Nothing is left for the landfill.


Any assets not suitable for resale are sent to an appropriate handler for processing. You can be assured that all of your assets are finally processed in the US.

Tracking & Reporting

You are awarded certificates that ensure your assets have been properly disposed of with the highest of standards.

  • With extensive knowledge of IT hardware we can provide creative asset recovery options.

    We are committed to innovation and finding new ways to process more types of materials so we cannot only divert from landfills, but also place back into the system.

    Your data is safe with us, with a our free mandatory data destruction service, you can rest assured that no identity theft would occur

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    Free Pickup – Large TVs excluded
    Free Mandatory Data Destruction (HDD,CD,Tape,flash)
    Call us for to schedule a pickup
    We will pickup any size load
    If it runs on electricity, we will recycle it
    If you believe your equipment still has market value we can help you recover it
    In some cases we can pay you for the material

    Welcome to PROJECT110 Recyclings


We are a locally-owned business serving the North Texas and Oklahoma regions and have quickly become a distinguished leader in computer and electronics recycling with these core philosophies: Generate commodities for the manufacturing stream. Don’t waste valuable materials by putting them in the landfill. Steel, aluminum, copper, plastic and glass are all recoverable and reusable. Do not ship out to third world countries. Retain knowledgeable staff – passionate about green initiatives. Be involved with our local communities. Educate consumers and provide alternative solutions for disposing of electronic waste. Refurbish and reuse electronics when possible. It reduces the carbon footprint and creates an affordable alternative for consumers